6 Tool U provides the most comprehensive baseball training program, college prep and elite baseball development for young athletes, coaches and organizations. Through education, training, conditioning, coaching and mentoring, 6 Tool U develops competitive, healthy athletes ready to play in high school, college and beyond! 6 Tool U serves as a vehicle to provide young athletes with the skills and training to be successful in all areas. Our goal is to prepare kids to go the distance in baseball and in life.


  • 6 Tool U will bring successful elite baseball programs to athletes between the ages of 6-18 nationwide.
  • Our organization¬†will provide the best training for players, coaches and organizations.
  • Our proprietary software program, Peak Performance Network (PPN), will give our affiliates the best opportunity to analyze player skills, design and prepare training programs that fit their level of skill.
  • PPN will allow organizations to optimize their business.
  • We will provide young baseball athletes with the best resources and support to prepare for college.


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