6 Tool U uses a systematic approach to design training, community programs, facilities and organizational programs for all aspects of the advanced training organization. 6 Tool U collaborates with affiliates, coaches and elite baseball networks to achieve the best-of-practices approach to all areas of focus within the organization.

The methodology used by 6 Tool U involves taking the player where they start, regardless the skill level, and customizing a plan and schedule so they player hits their max potential. We strive to elevate their level of play while developing the player through our all-inclusive program and specialized trainings and development options.



6 Tool U Methodology


  • Collaborate with the best programs, organizations, coaches and teams to develop the best-of-practices methods for all areas of focus.
  • Work with players from where they start regardless of their beginning level of play.
  • Create customized plans for training and development.
  • Constantly evaluate players, coaches and organizations in order to grow and improve.
  • Provide resources and programs to allow all players, coaches and organization the best opportunity to excel.